To all the many wonderful people who have written us by email, FB, twitter and letter… My “little man”… Ten years later Nicholas is TEN! First of all I thank my God and Nicholas’ for the course of his destiny that I get to say it’s Nicholas’ TENTH birthday on the 15th of March! Our lives have all been so … Read More

COOL: Preemie Bill of Rights

We are so excited to partner with the Foundation for Premature Infants! This organization, headed by Michael Litten and supported by a team of developmental therapy professionals, is working to provide every preemie with the chance for developmentally appropriate care in the NICU. Check out their “Preemie Bill of Rights “ here. For more information about the Foundation for Premature … Read More

RSV Season Advocacy: Tips Sheet, Survey, & More

Sadly I have heard of too many parents with preemies that were denied the Synagis shot and despite their best efforts at hand-washing, isolation and more, they still wound up in the hospital with RSV. As a parent that suffered through a winter with RSV isolation and more but was lucky enough to get the Synagis drug for my daughter, … Read More