Becky, when you were born at 30 weeks I couldn’t imagine you going to school and now here you are in high school. As a preemie, you didn’t have as easy as your fellow classmates and you had to work very hard to get where you are today. You have done amazing and you have blown away every teacher, every … Read More

Praying for: Zaria


Dear God, I pray that you shield and protect, Zaria as she grows and develops in the hospital. Wrap your arms around her and give her strength to thrive so she can come home to her family. Amen. From: – Parent

Praying for: Noah Seven Dennis


Lord we pray that you continue to provide Noah with strength to defeat obstacles which are being placed before him, with the brain bleed and infection please keep him fighting so that he may become strong and healthy day by day. From: Vanessa (Nana)