Visiting the Occupational Therapist Tomorrow

I am definitely nervous about visiting the Occupational Therapist or OT tomorrow. About a week ago I went through a sensory profile questionnaire she sent me to fill out on Becky’s behalf. It was hard going through it as well as filling out all sorts of information about my pregnancy with Becky and discussing her preemie birth and NICU stay. … Read More

Thanksgiving with a “Selective Eater”

So as we zoom towards Thanksgiving and the holidays in general, I am looking forward to time with family and friends as we gather around our table for delicious goodies. I want to make sure everyone has something that they like, especially Becky. As our picky eater (I prefer selective eater personally) I will be lucky if she eats the … Read More

Sensory Processing Disorder . . . Again

Well it appears that our former preemie Becky made a magical turnaround in the PE classes’ timed tests. Apparently all they had to do was “tell” her what they wanted and she did it. Huh! While that would normally alleviate my concerns, I am fully aware that many other issues that we haven’t focused on as of late (due to … Read More