September 2020 – PW Tag


Oliver and Riley were born at 30-weeks gestation. Oliver weighed 1308g and measured 41.5 cm long. Riley was born 3 minutes later, weighing 1263g and measuring 41cm long. Ollie (Oliver) spent 6 weeks in the NICU and Riley spent 8 weeks in the NICU, 2 weeks longer than his brother due to surgery and complications.

They are now 12 1/2 months old (10 months corrected). They are starting to deal around, stand up on things and sit themselves up. Each day with them is a blessing and watching them learn things is incredible. They chatter away and can say “mum” and “dad” and “bub” or “bubba” and wave and shake their heads. Mum says, “They are our strong little warrior boys and we are so grateful.”

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