September 2021 – Professional Highlight

Ashley Randolph
President of GLO Preemies and Alliance for Black NICU Families
It may start rough, but together we can make it easier.

PREEMIEWORLD: How long have you been working in your field?

ASHLEY: 7 Years

PREEMIEWORLD: Why did you choose your current profession?

ASHLEY: I am a preemie mom of 3 children. It was my passion for prenatal health and public health combined with my life experiences that created GLO Preemies.

PREEMIEWORLD: What do you want other professionals to know about what you do?

ASHLEY: GLO Preemies provide a 3-step program that stays with NICU families for 18 years. We partner with black NICU led organizations, health insurance companies, hospitals, and research universities to create a world of unity.

Alliance for black NICU families works towards infrastructure change, mini grants to founding black led NICU organizations members, and breast pumps to black NICU families.

PREEMIEWORLD: What advice do you give to preemie parents?

ASHLEY: Always reach out for help. There is an abundance of open arms and support for you.

PREEMIEWORLD: Fun Facts: Tell us a fun or quirky fact about you.

ASHLEY: I was a baby watching my father who was in the air force tear down the berlin wall. It is the base of my story for unity.



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