August 2021 – Preemie Genius

Matronee’ LLC
Established: 2018
Outreach: National

“Providing a deep breath moment for families.”

Matronee’ LLC is focused on infants and children that require a scalp IV to administer fluids and medications.

NICU Mom and Founder, Cailin Werner shares, “Matronee’ was an answer to a need when my youngest son, Caden, began having seizures and was admitted to the NICU. He was having difficulty maintaining his body temperature and had blown all the peripheral IVs. When a scalp IV became necessary, I told the nurse he needed a hat with a hole in it. The NICU nurse said she would give anything for a hat with a hole in it. So, my mother and I went to work and designed, created and patented the Mati cap. The cap is designed to accommodate a scalp IV without needing to disturb the IV line and provide warmth as well as a much needed way to lessen the visual impact.

A Better Look for Lifesaving Treatment:

The NICU isn’t exactly the cutest backdrop, but you are no less deserving of a perfectly sweet first family photo.

Scalp veins allow for ease of access in neonates and infants and allow for easier application of venous catheterization. The placement is often ideal for life-saving treatment.

We know it’s helpful, but it can still be hard to watch.

A Cap for Scalp IVs:

Intentional Construction

  • 100% USA cotton interlock: environmentally friendly, medically practical, and totally cozy.
  • Hook & loop tabs keep IV-tubing away from the face.
  • Reverse seams protect tender scalps while keeping costs down relative to seamless production.
  • Color-coded sizing with the NICU in mind, a perfect fit!

Premature Infant Clothing:

Approximately 1 in 10 infants may require NICU assistance. Enter the Mati Cap. We wish we’d had something like this to allow for scalp IV without losing the advantage head coverings provide in maintaining body temperature.

We also firmly believe mother and baby bond better when there’s more comfort in the room. We want to provide more of those comfortable moments.


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