March 2022 – Editor’s Note

Jenny R. McCormick, Senior Editor

This month, PreemieWorld celebrates, “Read Across America,” a time to celebrate reading. Why is fostering a love of reading so important? Reading is not only pleasurable but it is one of those activities that can help normalize an experience that can be anything but normal and help alleviate a stressful time for both parents and children.

With this in mind, PreemieWorld is excited to announce The Books for Healing Partnership, a collaboration of PreemieWorld LLC, GLO Preemies, Inc, Alliance for Black NICU Families and Jeff Lefko Books. The Books for Healing Partnership offers children’s stories as vehicles for reaching underserved populations with important health information. Why children’s books? Because, in today’s complex world of information and disinformation and mistrust, they can go where nothing else can. Including important information in the appendix of a children’s story ensures that it will not be discarded and by default, will be read more than once.

In addition to publishing customized books, we offer programs that facilitate distribution of those books through organizations whose clients and constituents are the target populations who will most benefit from the information or products included.

Learn more about The Books for Healing Partnership:

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