PreemiePro January 2020 Industry News

Newly launched Preemie Crystal Ball is a research portal being developed for the preemie community through the lifespan pregnancy to birth to childhood, and beyond through the geriatric years. This registry will help former premature babies answer questions about their premature births and inform their care long after they leave the NICU. How can you participate? Join the Movement: … Read More

Preemie Genius: The Itty-Bitty Fae Faeries Save the NICU

Author Kayla Thornton has created an adventurous way to explain the NICU to children with fun illustrations.  The book is quite long and definitely better for older children. Our team has given it 4 stars! You can purchase the book for Kindle or as a paperback copy here.

Preemie Story of the Month: Brayden Thomas

“Miracles are possible! Brayden is our precious angel on earth!” Brayden Thomas was born at 24 weeks + 4 days. He weighed 410 grams and measured 10 in. long.  Brayden made his early arrival due to Preeclampsia. The doctors tried to prepare me for his early arrival as I was prepped for a c-section surgery.  They gave Brayden only a … Read More