July 2020 – After the NICU

After the NICU By Jenny R. McCormick The coronavirus has wreaked havoc with our community, both in the NICU and at home. For those at home that are many years post-NICU, there is fear about returning to school as the second wave hits. We get it. Some tips: Enlist the Pediatrician and/or Specialist: Ask the doctor to write a note … Read More

July 2020 – preemieFAMILY Support Highlight

Organization: Patients Rising Executive Director: Terry Wilcox Outreach: United States Website: https://patientsrising.org/patients-rising-concierge/ The focus of Patients Rising is broad. We support all patients in their search for access to affordable healthcare. We provide tools for self-advocacy and help people step into the field of patient advocacy with training and support. In all things we do, we attempt to elevate the … Read More

July 2020 – preemiePRO Organization Highlight

Organization:  NICU Cheer Founder: Maddie Francis Outreach: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Website: www.nicucheer.com In 2016 my son was born at 30 weeks. He had stopped all fetal movements on Mother’s Day. After the first day of tests cleared him the hospital told me to wait a week before coming back, but I went back the next day and despite the nurse … Read More