March 2020 A Note from Deb

Happy March! Great news: New PreemieWorld Partner. We are honored to announce a premium partnership with Prolacta Bioscience for 2020. Prolacta is known for its 100% human-milk based fortifier that provides infants born at 1,250 grams or less with the optimal nutrition needed for growth and to combat multiple co-morbidities and deadly infections like Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). March is Child … Read More

PreemiePro March 2020 Industry News

Therapy Pros (NICU/Early Childhood):  Attend one of the top early childhood conferences in the United States.  New York, NY April 28 – May 1, 2020. Go to for more info. New on Our Radar for CEUs: Caring for Babies: How to Provide Psychosocial Support to NICU Parents is a program created from a collaborative effort between the National Perinatal … Read More

March 2020 Preemie Tags

Meet Benjamin & Levi! Gestation at birth: 25 weeks Current age: 12 months (actual) After 5-months in the NICU, our mighty Benjamin came home and after 10-months in the NICU, our mighty Levi was transferred to Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital where he amazes us every day! Milestones:  Benjamin rolls over, sits up and says “dada” and Levi is working on tummy … Read More