Preemie Genius: Elva Senses’ Sensory Octopus Toy

  Every NICU parent wants to soothe and stimulate her newborn while adhering to unit rules, bacteria concerns and little storage.  Enter the ELVA SENSES Octopus created in Paris, France. With the handmade octopi craze, people everywhere are bringing these items into NICUs in the hopes of helping babies.  ELVA SENSES owner, Pernille Brostrup herself was fascinated and was in … Read More

PreemieFamily Feb 2020 After the NICU

Asthma in childhood is higher in premature babies than those born full term.  Parents and caregivers of babies and children with asthma need to take extra precautions – especially during RSV season.  Here are some tips to help you manage your child’s asthma at home, daycare or school: Home Sweet Home: Look around your home and note any areas with … Read More