February 2020 Preemie Tags

Sweet little Kaycee was born at 29 weeks, weighing just 800 grams. She spent nearly 4-months in the NICU and an entire year on home oxygen. Kaycee is now 2 and potty training! Yay!  

February 2020 Preemie Connect

“When I realized there was a lack of support for families affected by prematurity, Preemie Connect was created,” states Founder, Tasmin Bota. “After having my baby born at 28 weeks, I noticed that not once did anyone ask if we as parents were coping. We struggled but we were lucky to have each other, family and friends. Not everyone is … Read More

February 2020 A Note from Jenny

We LOVE Preemies and we want to help “Shower” our NICU babies and families with lots o’ love! We are excited to announce our PreemieWorld Baby Shower in partnership with WaterWipes (waterwipes.com)! Instructions: Fill out an entry form to nominate a NICU: preemie.us/WaterWipes All entries must be submitted by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the 24th of February, 2020. The … Read More