Preemie Parents Talk About the NICU

In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month here in November, I joined up with the folks at (I moderate their Preemie Support Forum) to create the following report “Narratives from the NICU: Neonatal Intensive Care Units Through the Eyes of Parents.” Please pass it on! In addition to awareness about prematurity, we need to continue to foster an ongoing effort … Read More

Preemies & RSV: Working with Insurance on Synagis Coverage

RSV Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Preemie Parents For those of you working through your first RSV season, know that we totally get your fears. Handwashing, quizzing loved ones about illness and lockdown weren’t supposed to be on your to do list this year. Thankfully there is a drug on the market that should be available to you to … Read More

“Little Man” Now on Amazon for Download

Thank you to EVERYONE for your ongoing support of “little man” ( – even years later we STILL get a lot of fan mail. I am excited to announce our new partnership with Wolfe Video to help promote and distribute the personal edition of “little man” electronically and more. You can find it on Amazon here:′