PreemieWorld is Part of the National Alliance of Preemie Parents (NAPP)

I am excited to announce the formation of a new organization called the National Alliance of Preemie Parents (NAPP). This group that gathers parents of preemies together along with groups that support these families is official as of the meeting in Atlanta in late October. Details will be forthcoming in the next days and weeks and months. Contact Deb if … Read More

Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation Holiday Toyraiser

We received this notification about the upcoming Toyraiser. Please pass this on! Thanks! Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation Holiday Toyraiser by Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 1:05am Between now and December 1st, Kellie Toothman is sponsoring a Discovery Toys fundraiser, in which she will donate 50% of her proceeds to the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation. We … Read More

Statement on RSV Prophylaxis Presented at the CDC ACIP

Last Thursday I had the honor of speaking to the Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory on Immunization Practices regarding the issues surrounding RSV Prophylaxis qualifications. With this statement I submitted 920 signatures on what I dubbed the “Preemie Petition” in support of increased access to the RSV Prophylaxis for the 32-35 weekers. By the way, at the time I presented … Read More